Through Our Family of Companies, PermaTint manufactures unique and durable masonry paints and stains for all stone, brick, stucco and other masonry products.  Not to be confused with traditional latex or oil based paint, our paints and stains are silicate and mineral based,  When a masonry surface is painted with a latex or oil based paint, the result is a unit that has been coated with a non-breathing membrane that bonds to the surface only.   Moisture will eventually become trapped and therefore begin to lift the paint and peel away.  This process can often begin as early as 3 years after the paint has been installed.

Our silicate and mineral paints and stains function in a completely different manner.  First discovered in Germany in the late 1800’s, these paints have become the standard for masonry paints and stains and are used extensively throughout Europe and now North America.  Our painting process is not a surface treatment, but rather penetrates into the substrate, forming a durable bond with the masonry product that permanently locks in the colour.  This allows the masonry product to breathe in the same manner as if the unit was untreated and therefor the moisture will just wick away.  This means that our paints and stains will never peel and have a life expectancy of between 20 and 30 years.