Eventually over time, due to the effects of continuing freezing and thawing, bricks on the walls of your home can begin to crumble or spall.  This is also true for chimneys, window sills, free standing brick walls, porches and where bricks make ground contact (at the base of your walls or on stairs).  Once bricks have begun to crumble if left unattended this process can begin to spread to adjacent bricks and they will begin to show wear as well.  It is important therefore, to replace damaged bricks as soon as possible, to avoid future expense.  This involves careful removal of the damaged units and installation of new ones matching the colour and original brick as closely as possible.  If necessary the new bricks can be tinted to produce a seamless match via our sister company Permatint. (see Brick Tinting tab or visit us at PermaTint.com).