Natural stone is a very popular building material and many new construction homes are having their front walls clad with this durable material.  Our stone masons are fully experienced with all forms of stone installation, as well as in producing the designs for both vertical and horizontal applications, such as flagstone.

Sometimes installing natural or manufactured stone is not possible, as a 5 inch ledge is needed to support it’s weight.  In these cases the exact same stone look can be achieved using cultured or manufactured stone.

Manufactured stone is now an economical alternative to natural stone, and when installed by our skilled masons, you will achieve the look of natural stone at a reduced cost.

Cultured Stones is cast in molds taken from carefully selected natural stone, using a process that faithfully captures even the faintest detail.  Even on close examination, these manufactured stones look and feel like the natural ones.  Since Cultured Stone comes sized and shaped for quick and easy installation, and because it is so light in weight that it requires no additional foundation or support, a Cultured Stone wall costs far less than a full thickness natural stone wall.  The average thickness is 1.75 inches and varies from 1 inch to 3 inches depending on the texture.  Indoors or out, Cultured Stone is durable, colourfast and comes in over 70 different colours and stone types.  Contact us for a full colour sample catalogue and if you cannot find your colour preference, our sister company PermaTint will tint the material to any colour of your choice.